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Today is the presidential primary. You can vote for any Republican candidate or for Obama or for something like "uninstructed delegation" (on the Democratic side). That means that if that entry won, Wisconsin's delegates could go to the convention without any instructions on who to vote for.

There's a good reason for Democrats to vote today, besides all the local races. FIND OUT IF YOU ARE REGISTERED AND ARE AT THE CORRECT POLLING PLACE. Consider it practice for voting in the recall and in the General Election. We don't want any SNAFUs when we're ready to vote against Walker or for Obama.

Recall Cam

Jan. 21st, 2012 12:16 pm
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Want to watch the action of the GAB scanning petitions?



Parody Twitter account: @RecallCam

Poetry about the count: @RecallCam-Haiku
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This Saturday is Bank Transfer Day. The obvious alternative is credit unions. I've been a member of different credit unions all my adult life.

If you live or work in Dane County, you qualify to be a member of the Dane County Credit Union. They've been my CU for five years now, and I've been completely happy with them. I was amused when they emailed me the other day asking me to recommend them to my friends for Bank Transfer Day. Here's their pitch:

By now you have most likely heard the buzz about Bank Transfer Day, a consumer grassroots push to switch personal accounts from banks to credit unions on or around November 5.

DCCU members have enjoyed over 75 years of low cost financial services and excellent service. As always, if you know anyone looking for a new place to bank that helps them get more out of life, please let them know about Dane County Credit Union. We can help your friends and family enjoy more financial peace of mind while saving time and money.


Jon Lowrey
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The First Unitarian Society of Madison is holding a mind-boggling rummage sale, tomorrow, Saturday the 29th. Anything not sold by 3:00 will be loaded into St. Vincent DePaul's trucks. Over 2000 members and friends of the congregation are bringing in furniture, exercise equipment, sports equipment, books and CDs galore, tools, home decorations, appliances AND SO MUCH MORE.

ZOMG, this is nice stuff, and in huge quantities. O-O


900 University Bay Drive (across from the Children's Hospital)


7:00 to 3:00 tomorrow!

What to eat:

Bake sale goodies


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